Student Handbook 2018 - 2019

Student Handbook 2018 - 2019
Posted on 06/22/2018
Arch Street Public School provides a safe, supportive environment where student learning is the focus of an educational partnership between dedicated staff, parents, and the community. Strong emphasis is placed on quality programming that promotes the acquisition and development of literacy and numeracy skills and critical and creative thinking skills, the foundations of future success. Our focus on the ten traits of the OCDSB’s Community of Character teach and reinforce qualities such as respect, responsibility, empathy, perseverance and kindness, which fosters student self-esteem and an appreciation of human values.


The Arch Street School educational team extends a very warm welcome to all students and their families. We are committed to fostering the highest standards of academic excellence, behaviour and personal growth within a joyful, nurturing and safe environment. A successful school is the result of strong partnership between the students, staff and parents. We encourage parents/guardians to be active in our school community by volunteering and by participating in School Council activities. We value your ongoing
communication of good news and concerns. Likewise, teachers and the administration will be in contact with parents to share information regarding programming and student progress. We look forward to working with you during the year ahead. Together we can make this school year the best ever!


The School Council of Arch Street School is organized to be the liaison between the parents and the Board. The School Council is made up of parents and teachers. The chairperson sets the agenda for monthly meetings, delegates activities and is the voice for the Council. The secretary takes the minutes of the monthly meetings and deals with outgoing correspondence. The Principal and a teacher representative participate in each meeting. The School Council also draws upon its members for volunteer work such as student remedial assistance, fund raising projects and various activities within the school.
We endeavour to maintain a strong liaison with the community. We invite new parents to join this
Advisory Committee and to continue to make Arch Street School a "working community" school. Those interested in becoming active participants in this Committee are asked to please contact the school.


Notices are sent home with the students to ensure that parents receive them. Notices are important and they are the major means of communication between home and school. Monthly newsletters, published by the students and the staff, provide information on curriculum, class projects, activities, special school events, and community news. Please read and discuss the notices with your children.


Frequently notices are expected to be returned by students once they are completed by the
parents/guardians. The information in these notices is important.
- Permission slips for educational excursions
- Media Permission Form 
- Student Registration Verification
- Volunteer Form
- Acceptable Use of Computers & Internet/Intranet Technology Agreement Form


Tammy McCormack Principal
Karen Hall Office Administrator
Diane Holmes Office Assistant
Emily White JK/SK
Brenda Rootham JK/SK
Heather Rivers Grade 1/2
Karen Skelly Grade 2/3
Tammy Yazbeck Grade 3/4
Lauren Tissot Grade 4/5
Geoff Penton Grade 5/6
Brigitte Jackstein JK/SK Autism
Maureen Zetzsche Primary PSN
TBD Core French
Deirdre Real LST
Valerie Buko ESL
Sara Brauner LRT
Jennifer Dey Support
Carol Cousineau Educational Assistant
Rosy Kapur Educational Assistant
Elizabeth Taylor Educational Assistant
Lindsay Lariviere Educational Assistant
Zahra Ibrahim Early Childhood Educator (JK/SK)


  Classes Begin  9:00
 Nutrition Break  11:00-11:25
    Outdoor Play  11:25-11:45
 Nutrition Break  1:25-1:45
    Outdoor Play  1:45-2:10
         Dismissal   3:30


Tuesday, September 4 First Day of Classes
Friday, October 5 P.A. Day No Classes
Monday, October 8 Thanksgiving
Friday, November 23 P.A. Day - Parent Teacher Interviews
Monday, December 24 to Friday, January 4 - Christmas Break
Monday, January 25 P.A. Day (Report Card Writing) - No Classes
Friday, February 15 P.A. Day – No Classes
Monday, February 18 Family Day - No Classes
Monday, March 11 to Friday, March 15, inclusive - Mid-Winter Break
Friday, April 12 PA Day
Friday, April 19 Good Friday
Monday, April 22 Easter Monday
Monday, May 20 Victoria Day
Friday, June 07 P.A. Day (Report Card Writing) - No Classes
Thursday, June 27 Last Day of School


Regular attendance at school is the single most important factor contributing to the students’ success. Frequent or prolonged absences result in gaps in the educational knowledge and skills necessary for success.


Parents should contact the school between 8:15 - 9:00 a.m. if their child(ren) are going to be late or
absent. The number to call is 613-733-0205. You may also leave a message at any time on our attendance line by pressing 500 after the greeting. Unreported absences are followed up by the office. If your child arrives late, they should report to the office for an admittance slip before going on to their classroom. If your child is ill, please keep them at home where they can be closely supervised, until they are well enough to cope with the school routine. If a child has a contagious disease, the parents are asked to notify the school immediately. Notes explaining absence: When a pupil returns to school after being absent, the Education Act requires a note explaining the reason for his/her absence, signed by either parent or guardian.


Students are responsible for the acceptable and appropriate use of all computing devices. Parents are asked to sign and review the OCDSB’s Appropriate Use of Technology form each school year. Students should not be calling or texting anyone during school hours. Students who need to contact parents can request to call from the office. Please note that the school is not responsible for any damage or loss of phones or computing device.


Parents will be notified if a child becomes ill at school. An emergency contact number must be on file for each student. Unfortunately, despite all efforts to be safe, some children will encounter injuries over the course of the year. While several members of the staff are qualified in First Aid, it will be our practice to consult with parents prior to taking any extraordinary measures with an injured student. In the event that parents cannot be contacted, and medical attention is required immediately, the Principal or the designate will make the decision to either call an ambulance or to transport the child directly to the nearest emergency medical facility.


When a child has a life-threatening allergy or existing serious medical condition the school must receive written notice prior to the child attending school. Children with life-threatening allergies should carry an Epi-pen on their person. The child, depending on age, and the parents should discuss with the teachers, the steps that must be followed in case of an emergency.
The following precautions are taken:
1. All staff is notified.
2. The child’s photograph, name, and emergency procedures are posted in the office, in the staff
room, and in the duty binders.
3. The staff is in-serviced, as necessary, in the emergency procedures.
4. If medical aid is administered, the parents and the ambulance are called immediately.
5. If a child is to be transported by ambulance, a parent/guardian or a staff member must accompany the child or follow by car.


To ensure the safety of all students, parents dropping off and picking up students are asked to use Parking Lot 2 adjacent to the main lot at the front of the school. The main lot is restricted to teacher parking. Walkers must stay on the sidewalks until they reach the school yard. Student bicycles must be walked across the yard and locked securely. Skateboards, scooters and roller blades are not allowed on school property.


Yard supervision begins at 8:45 a.m. For reasons of safety and security, students are encouraged to arrive at school after that time. If the duty teachers judge that the weather is inclement, students will be admitted to the school for warmth and comfort prior to the normal class time. At the bell, students line up in their designated class space. Teachers greet them on the yard and escort them to their classrooms. Students are allowed entry to the school prior to the beginning of the school day, only with the supervision of a teacher. All students are expected to leave the school yard at 3:30 p.m.


For reasons of safety and security, students may only leave the school at the regular dismissal time unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents/Guardians must sign their child out if they are picked up other than at the end of the day.


Students who travel to and from school by bus will remain at school during the nutrition breaks. For safety reasons students eat in a supervised area and all students and staff participate in the recycling program. As there are two nutrition breaks during the balanced day students are encouraged to bring sufficient food so they can have a quality lunch/snack that will support healthy growth.


Staff is assigned to meet bus students when they arrive at school and to see that they are safely on the bus at the end of the day. To ensure student safety all students who come on the bus are expected to return home by bus. Children are not allowed to take another bus to a friend’s house. The privilege of bus transportation is assigned according to the criteria outlined in the O.C.D.S.B Busing Policy. Children who are entitled to busing will be informed of the bus arrangements by the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) at the end of August. Conduct that jeopardizes the safety of the bus and its occupants could lead to the loss of bus privileges.


Students have a right to learn in a school environment which is positive, safe, and free from disruptions which interfere with learning activities. At Arch the focus on the ten traits of The Community of Character helps students work cooperatively, make good decisions, and take positive actions that create an atmosphere favourable for learning. Students are expected to respect others and to line-up and move through the school in a quiet manner. Arch Street School is very fortunate to have a large playground where Primary and Junior students have separate supervised play areas .The Primary play structure and playground toys are to be used in a responsible, cooperative manner. Students enjoy the use of the soccer fields, basketball nets, and 4 square areas cooperatively. Snowball throwing in winter is not permitted due to safety concerns. Students engaging in unsafe play lose their playground privileges.


1. For health and safety reasons, students should have a suitable change of foot apparel during the
winter months. Proper indoor footwear is important for safety and care of school property. For health and personal hygiene, each student is expected to have and wear proper clothing and footwear specifically for physical education.
2. All students are expected to dress modestly and appropriately for all learning activities. Student’s dress must be conducive to orderly conduct in the school environment and at school activities. Bandanas, muscle shirts, halter/tube tops, shirts with unacceptable or inappropriate messages, jewelry or pins with unacceptable messages, mesh clothing, and chains are not permitted. Shorts are permitted but they must be walking shorts. Short shorts are not allowed. Tops must be able to be tucked into jeans.
3. Perfumes, colognes, heavily scented grooming products and hair spray are not to be used as they create problems for allergic students and staff.
4. Hats and hoods are not to be worn indoors.


All students in the Junior Division are required to complete and submit regular homework assignments. They use their homework planner to record and keep track of assigned work. The amount of time spent on homework varies. Parents are encouraged to ensure that homework is completed in a satisfactory manner. All students are encouraged to read for pleasure at home. A general rule for homework is ten minutes per grade, (i.e. Grade 1 – 10 mins.; Grade 6 – 60 mins.) each evening. If no specific homework is assigned for an evening, children should be encouraged to read.


Report cards are sent home with students at the end of each term; January and June. A Progress
Report will be sent home in November. As an Ontario public school we implement the Provincial Curriculum and the Provincial Report Cards.


All staff are available outside of regular class hours to assist with school work. Students are encouraged to seek extra help whenever difficulties arise. By taking on the responsibility for requesting help student independence and learning accountability is promoted. This requirement is a means through which the staff are able to promote and encourage student responsibility and learning accountability.


Teachers are available to discuss student progress and parental concerns. Individual interviews may be arranged by teachers or parents at mutually agreeable times during the school year. Telephone calls for teachers should be made before 8:45 or after 3:30.


Standardized testing takes place in Grades 3 and 6 in language and math in the spring as prescribed by the Provincial Government.


Our students benefit from the individual assistance that they receive from parents, Co-op and high school students, seniors, and members of the community. If you would like to volunteer at our school we would like to hear from you. Please call the office at 613-733-0205.


The Principal's Award is presented annually to a student who exhibits leadership skills as well as
maintaining high academic achievement. This presentation is made at the end of year Grade Six Farewell Ceremony.



Please print your name and class or room number on books, gloves, boots, coats, etc. The Lost and Found box is located near the north central door. Valuables such as watches, eye glasses, etc. are handed in at the office and may be claimed there.


In the event that an emergency situation occurs that requires the evacuation of Arch Street School, alternate accommodation will be provided on a short term basis at the Canterbury Community Centre, 613-247-4869


There will be regular fire and lockdown drills throughout the year. Should the fire alarms be activated, all persons must:
1. Exit the building. Fire exit signs posted in each room indicate the closest exit and alternates.
Persons not in classrooms must exit using the nearest safe exit route. They should walk out silently and in an orderly, respectful manner.
2. Move at least 15 metres from the building once outside. Do not block routes that could be used by arriving emergency vehicles.
3. Co-operate with the instructions of any person in authority: staff, fire fighters, police, or paramedics.
4. Remain outside until the bell rings indicating that re-entry is safe.
5. In the case of a practice lockdown students remain quiet in the classroom with the teacher.


When a student is leaving our school, the following steps should be followed:
1. Notify the classroom teacher and office well ahead of time.
2. Hand in all texts, library books, and other equipment or property of the school.
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